Our exciting new product Packager has now arrived !

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Packager - want to be connected to Bed Banks / GDS's ?

Our Packager product is now available and we're waiting to hear from you.

Do you need to book:-

  • Flights with GDS's / Consolidators
  • Hotels with Bed bank suppliers
  • Car hire
  • Transfers
  • Cruising
  • Events
  • Extra's

We now have certified links with a number of suppliers - Packager is available in a number of configurations based on your exact bespoke requirements.

Packager is available as both an additional inhouse booking tool and also for public facing online bookings.

To see all our currently available suppliers please click here

Additional API connectivity can be developed if required.


topicplus+ Packager

  • Search your Flights, Hotel or Package Holiday

    Packager - Search your holiday
  • Select your Accommodation

    Packager Hotel search/results screen - view detailed information, photo's, location of your chosen Hotel/Accommodation
  • Select a Room

    Select a preferred room and quantity
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